Have YOU found YOUR tribe?

The rate at which we change jobs has never been higher – one in five Danish employees have been in their current job less than a year. 70% of US employees are disengaged. 400.000 people in Denmark have stress-related symptoms on a daily basis and 35.000 are on sick leave due to stress leading to extensive discussions about work-life balance and how we can improve it.

What if the division between work and life doesn’t exist? What if the Millennials insisting on Meaning and Passion @work are really on to something that is not new, but rather quite primeval.

Is it fair to speculate that we are coming into a new stage of maturity, where a sharpened understanding of our fundamental purpose and improved sense of self is driving a need for an integrated life? A life where there is no distinction between work and life?

People looking for a new challenge are no longer merely looking for an interesting company with a great product. They are looking for a great team and a great culture to be part of.

In a world where work and life are merged, the team and the culture we are looking for becomes our tribe. The people, whose values we share. The people, who have the same purpose and mission in life. Whatever it is. This doesn’t mean finding people that are all the same. In fact, there is surprising diversity in teams who have come together for a shared vision that really rings true for them.

When a shared purpose and values are the common denominators in a team, the level of trust is high. Stress levels are reduced by 70% in trust-based organization. Engagement is (obviously) high leading to five times the earnings of companies where employees are not-engaged-at-all. Productivity is proven to increase by 19%  and innovation by 22% in trust-based organisations.

So are you searching for your tribe?

I recently met with a CEO, who was actively looking for potential tribe-members. I have rarely seen such passion and I look forward to see what happens, when he gathers his tribe. I also just talked to a friend of mine, who had been to a meeting with a potential new employer. She said: “You know…when I realised that I had almost forgotten that you can actually go to work liking the people you are with, enjoying yourself and feeling safe in the environment… I almost cried!”

Get out there – make your passion known to others – let people know your true values and purpose in life. It is the only way to find your tribe and merge you life with your work. It takes courage – but it will get you that ever so mythical balance, which will set you free! 🙂

(This post was originally published on LinkedIn)