I left HR and got (kinda) famous :)

It’s been three months since I posted: “I am leaving HR – and here is why…” and I am still blown away, moved and humbled by what happened next.

More than 18.000 people clicked onto the post, almost one thousand liked it, 236 have commented so far and around 100 people connected and sent me personal messages about how they related to my post.

I have met with more inspirational, like-minded people from across the globe than I could possibly have imagined (Caribbean Nations, Germany, Spain, Australia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, the US, Switzerland and even people in Denmark who I had yet to meet). People who share my thoughts on HR and who have dedicated themselves to rethink and reinvent the work place. I have been invited to speak, give workshops, join webcasts, networking events and HRD sharing communities.

Professionally, I now work as a mentor at our local university student startup incubator. I have taken a 50 % pay cut and with no company car provided, I take my bike to work. I have also started my own company coaching business owners in leading sustainable organizations and sustainable lives. It’s not a walk in the park to change lanes after 15 years, but every day I feel blessed to choose my own path and lead a sustainable life in accordance with my personal values. (And also thankful for not having a screaming CEO spitting KPI’s in my face, while his side-kick preaches mandatory mindfulness and demands meditation sessions during work hours, and no one seems to fathom why HR cannot bridge these completely contradictory opposites into a balanced and credible workplace.)

Do I regret leaving HR? The short answer is NO. There’s definitely something wrong with the way most organizations run HR today. It is devastating to see how many people are affected by the consequences of poorly executed recruitments, on-boarding processes, performance reviews – any people-process at work really – and yet management still seems to think that HR is a support function that can be run by a handful of people, who are not really considered part of the (actual) business with little or no budget to depend on.

There’s is undoubtedly massive support here on LinkedIn to make a change and move things forward; to start thinking about People as a key part of the business, if not the business, and start designing HR accordingly, yet so few organizations are seriously moving to change from the inside. I am happy and honoured to have connected with so many of those who want to be part of the solution. Admittedly, the best takeaway from my 15 minutes of LinkedIn fame is all of the great connections, I have made. I feel like I have been accepted into a global tribe with whom I share a passion for people and sustainable organizations.

Together, I hope we will reinvent Human Resources by sharing our experiences, synergizing our efforts and making a real impact on the future of work. Stay connected and keep sharing!

To be continued…