About us


In January 2017 after 13 years in HR, I decided to leave. I realized that I want my kids to be able to work in a place that is significantly different from any place that I have experienced in my career so far.

Ever since then I have aimed to make a difference in how we think about work, organizations and doing business.

We all know that people do business with people. I personally believe that truly effective leaders understand people. They value differences, delegate authority and provide the freedom to act, think and speak freely.

I am convinced that future competitive and sustainable organizations will build out communities in which people thrive and achieve together. The ability to build trust and sustainable relations within and around an organization will directly contribute to the continued growth and positive results of the business.

Get in touch, if you are looking for a sparring partner, coach or just someone to play ball with as we develop the workplace of the future together.

E: xenia@zeal.global – M: +45 5377 5150