I left HR and got (kinda) famous :)

It’s been three months since I posted: “I am leaving HR – and here is why…” and I am still blown away, moved and humbled by what happened next.

More than 18.000 people clicked onto the post, almost one thousand liked it, 236 have commented so far and around 100 people connected and sent me personal messages about how they related to my post.

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I am leaving HR – and here is why…

For the past 13 years, I have loved working in HR. When I first started out as an HR trainee, I felt there could be no greater job than to work with Human Resource Management. I was passionate about recruiting great candidates for exiting opportunities. I was excited about influencing company policies; setting new standards for paid parental leave, flexible working hours and working from home. I was passionate about developing leadership training sessions and offering employee development workshops.
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